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Avatar Gen

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Welcome to the Avatar Gen community, where we try to transcend romance and shipping to examine other aspects of the show Avatar: the Last Airbender on Nickelodeon. Here, we will worship the awesomeness that is gen as it comes in so many various forms and will hold several Gen Challenges. Enjoy!

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What is gen?

Gen is a fandom genre in which the romantic/sexual aspect of the fic/art/fanwork is kept to a minimum. A gen fanwork can include humor, horror, angst, action/adventure, platonic relationships, etc. The only requirement is that romance is not the focus of the fanwork. Perhaps instead of a fic in which Zuko and Katara develop a romantic relationship, a genfic would contemplate Zuko's relationship with his father or Iroh.

What ratings are "gen"?

A gen fanwork can be any rating, depending on the content. A gen fanwork can easily be rated M due to its language, theme, violence, portrayal of drug use, etc. However, it cannot be rated as such for sexual content because... well, there wouldn't be any in the fic.

So, I can't have any two people together at any time?!!

:D Of course, you're free to portray relationships! If two people are canonically married or romantically involved, you're free to keep them together. We'd just like to see fanworks in which romance is secondary or essentially irrelevant to the main point/plot. We'd also like to see more friendships and platonic relationships.

What are things that I can post here?
-gen fics/drabbles/writing
-gen art (portraits, comics, etc)
-gen AMVs
-gen recs
-Anything else that's legit (if you're not sure, please see "Contact" below)

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-Respect all members (No flaming, arguing, insulting, etc)
-No bashing the concept of "gen" here... because that would just be stupid
-Keep posts on-topic, please
-Please put all fics, drabbles, and art under an lj-cut
-Please don't bring rabid shipping here. Any shipping debates belong in theshipperstate and specific ship discussions belong in their respective communities.
-Spoiler-filled stuff goes behind the cut for at least five days after the release of a new episode

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Note: Ratings can either be based on MPAA or Fiction Ratings

Template for posting fics/drabbles/writing:

Summary (drabbles don't really need this):
Challenge (if applicable):

Template for posting art

Artist's Note:

[optional preview/thumbnail here]

[link or lj-cut to art here]

Template for posting recs

Why You Have To Read/See This (preferably under an lj-cut if it is long):

[link to gen fanwork here]

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Unsure about something? Not sure if something is allowed? Feel free to contact the mods:


dharmavati (tamingoftheshru[at]gmail[dot]com)

either by leaving a comment on their ljs or by emailing them at the addy's shown. It's perfectly fine to send a link to or attachment of your fanwork to see if it's legit.